The Miser


A person who hoards wealth and spends as little money as possible.

The Miser is a five-act comedy in prose by the French playwright Molière. Satire and farce blend in the fast-moving plot, when the miser’s hoard of cash is stolen. On this deal from the Senior Teams both West and East were guilty of hoarding their assets (trumps).

The player holding the South cards is noted for his eccentricities and this overcall is typical of his approach. Bidding 2Quadri without a fourth heart is very much a matter for the individual conscience, as is the subsequent decision to compete with 3Cuori.
Had West led a trump declarer would have been struggling to take more than seven tricks, but West led the seven of diamonds and East won with the ace. A trump switch here would be equally effective, but East played a second diamond and declarer ruffed in dummy and played the king of clubs.
East won and played a third diamond. Declarer ruffed in dummy, then cashed the queen of clubs and ruffed a club.

When declarer played his last diamond West was too mean to ruff, and pitched a spade. Declarer ruffed with dummy’s king of hearts and played a spade to the ace. West alertly unblocked the king but although East could win the spade exit and play a trump, declarer could win and play a spade, forcing West to ruff and lead into the CuoriA9.
Whatever his predilections in the bidding South certainly knows how to play!
Lest you form the impression that this deal must come from a match between two teams at the wrong end of the table, at the start of Round nine they were occupying the top two places!