Last Board

Sabine Auken, Germany

The final deal of the European Mixed Pairs Championship can be added to the pantheon of deals that have decided the outcome of major events down the ages.

The final had been dominated by Justyna Zmuda & Michal Klukowski and Roy Welland & Sabine Auken who had matched each other blow for blow, the lead repeatedly changing hands. When the final board settled on the table they were separated by just 0.70 of a match point. Bothe pairs faced tough opposition:

South led the six of spades, but this apparently helpful start changed nothing, 4Fiori having to go three down,-150. That was worth only 5/45 and the door appeared to be wide open.

North led the five of spades and declarer could not escape for less than three down, -500 and only 2/48 – the title and the medals were on their way to Poland.