Championship Diary

Roy Welland

First of all we must report an outstanding display of sportsmanship by Roy Welland. Watching the scores come in after he had finished play in Tuesday’s Mixed Pairs qualifying rounds everything appeared fine – 65th place with only the score on the very last deal to be entered. When it was posted it was worth 98%, moving Roy & Sabine Auken well up the field. However, Roy was suspicious, as the deal had appeared innocuous and he went to check the frequencies, discovering that his table result of -650 had been recorded as -620. He found a Director and in due course the correction was made – the change dropping Auken-Welland all the way down to 91st – just advancing them to them to the main semi-final (from which they advanced to the Final in style).

I heard a story about a French pair who suffered an unusual double penalty; driving to the venue the man behind the steering wheel failed to notice that he had gone through a red light guarding a railway line! The gates closed on either side and there was nowhere to go. Fortunately the train that was approaching managed to stop in time, but the Police arrived and the end result was a lengthy delay and a fine of €59.50. To add insult to injury as a result they arrived late and could not play the first two deals of the session, thereby scoring 40%-60%. I leave you to judge which penalty hurt the most.

Barry Rigal suggested that the darkening sky on Wednesday evening were the portent of a forecasted hurricane, which prompted me to have a possible change to the front page headline, The Far Pavilions being replaced with Gone with the Wind.